A Bond Beyond Words

Everything changed for Dustin when his dog, TJ came into his life. Since the day they were paired together, TJ’s presence brought Dustin a source of comfort, companionship, and unwavering support. 

But when Dustin discovered a newfound independence in navigating daily life with TJ, from helping Dustin get up from the ground, a task others might take for granted, or providing him a sense of security, he truly realized how much of a lifeline TJ had become. 

“Emotionally, TJ has been invaluable. During challenging moments, his intuitive understanding and comforting presence have been a source of strength. The bond we share goes beyond words; it’s a profound connection built on trust and mutual support.”

After missing outings in public and family events and gatherings for years, TJ offered Dustin the opportunity to be able to leave home with confidence. Even while at work, TJ has been able to sense Dustin’s stress and anxiety which helps him calm down and get back to work much faster. In social settings, TJ has not only opened doors but also hearts. His friendly demeanor has facilitated positive interactions and educated others about the importance of service animals. This, in turn, has contributed to a more inclusive and understanding community. Dustin, TJ, and their story have touched even more veterans, who have realized their need for support and have gone on to search out their own service animals. 

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