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Puppy Jake’s specially trained service dogs help veterans restart their life.

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Changing vets’ lives, one dog at a time

At Puppy Jake, we’re here to thank vets for their service by pairing them with well-bred canine companions. These dogs are professionally trained to each veteran’s unique needs, socialized to be ready to assist in any setting.


We have placed more than 50 service dogs with veterans over the last 10 years.

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Puppy Jake believes in what a canine companion can do for veterans. If you’re a military veteran who experiences difficulties readjusting to civilian life, whether that be physical, mental, or both, a service dog may be the support you need for the life you deserve.

The key to our success is the foster families who raise and train dogs. For five months at a time, dogs live with the foster family and go practically everywhere with them, including weekly trainings at the Puppy Jake Training Facility. But don’t worry, we’ll teach you everything you need to know in orientation classes before receiving a dog and our trainers are readily available to help and guide foster families through the entire process. It can be a tasking job; with an extensive training program, outings, travel, homework, and evaluations, but one that is extremely rewarding when we see all of our hard work pay off. To learn more, sign up here.

There are many ways you can get involved with Puppy Jake Foundation.  From helping raise a puppy to assisting with fundraising, you can find an area that suits your interests, schedule, and strengths. Apply today!

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The Taylor Foundation

A word from our friend Corey Taylor!

We are grateful to Slipknot’s Corey Taylor and The Taylor Foundation for their support and efforts in spreading awareness about our mission.

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Stories of healing

Service dogs help veterans live the life they want. Their assistance ranges from physical to mental and beyond. Physically, service dogs can help pick things up off of the floor, help a veteran out of a chair, or even take the laundry out of a dryer. Service dogs also have a wide range of abilities to assist with mental health, from disrupting negative thoughts and nightmares to giving them the confidence to attend their children’s events or even simply to be in public. They’re more than just pets, they’re part of vets’ teams.

We celebrate these successes with our veterans.

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