It takes a lot of time and money to rasie a service dog for a veteran. 

We use volunteers to help guide puppies through five phases of training. It takes two years to instill both basic training, as well as the special skills a veteran needs. These skills can help with mobility. For example, a service dog can pick something off the floor, open doors or brace to help the veteran stand up. They can also be trained to help comfort a veteran with PTSD by laying across their lap or creating a controlled distraction. All of this is trained by our army of volunteers. If you'd like to help by volunteering, please send us an email with your name and contact information.

Because we cover the costs to raise the dogs, we are continually raising money. It costs $20,000 to rasie a dog for two years. This  includes covering veterinary costs, food, and equipment. This Giving Tuesday, we are challenging our friends to help us raise $10,000 this weekend. When we reach that goal, we'll ask your help in naming a puppy.  You can send a check to our office or click the donate button above. Please note #PJFGivingTuesday.

We appreciate all the help we get from our supporters. We couldn't do it without you. Thanks to you!