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Helping veterans unleash
their independence after service

Giving thanks to our vets

We have seen firsthand how serving our country can take its toll, from physical wounds to mental scars. Our mission is to show our gratitude to wounded warriors by matching them to one of our dogs, professionally trained to fit each veteran’s unique needs. Through these efforts, we seek to help military veterans regain their independence and reclaim their lives after service.

How it Started

Our founder and former CEO Becky Beach has always been drawn to animals. In her own house, she usually had a few cats and at least a couple dogs. Wanting to give back, she decided to volunteer for a local service dog organization. As she fostered a dog name Jake, she realized that while many people had a need for a well-trained service dog, there was an incredible, unmet need in the veteran community. Jake, like many service dogs in training, was a great dog, but didn’t have what it took to get across the training finish line. So, inspired to help veterans with a re-careered service dog in training, Becky leaned into her super power – fundraising. 

In the 2013, Becky started telling people about the Puppy Jake mission of providing professionally trained service dogs to wounded military veterans. The first $300 raised was by a local sixth grader who was looking to support a nonprofit that honored veterans like his grandfather, but also had cute puppies to play with! He was not alone, Becky found support throughout the community. 

Jake passed away peacefully in April 2022, and Becky retired from Puppy Jake in October 2023, but their legacy lives on. More than a decade later, Puppy Jake has grown and evolved with continued support from corporate and private sponsors across the country.

How we do it

As a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, we rely entirely on the support of individuals, companies, and foundations to carry out our mission of assisting veterans. We work hard to raise funds through grass-roots efforts – including charity events, corporate sponsors, and individual contributions. We are incredibly grateful to our donors for their generous support. We wouldn’t be able to do it without you.

Puppy Jake Foundation strives to be a leading non-profit organization in placing service dogs to assist wounded military veterans by:

  • Selecting healthy and outstanding dogs
  • Conducting an intensive training and socialization program
  • Placing dogs with combat wounded veterans
  • Following up to ensure success of both the dog and veteran team

Through these efforts, we seek to enhance the quality of life for wounded military veterans and by expanding and sharing knowledge, to advance the understanding of issues facing wounded veterans as well as service dogs.

Who is Puppy Jake?

Jake, our namesake, is the puppy who started it all. He laid the foundation for our organization, and we follow in his pawprints to help enhance the quality of life of every veteran we can.

Our mission

Puppy Jake Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to helping military veterans through the assistance of well bred, socialized and professionally trained service dogs.

What makes us diferent?

Training Process

Our multi-phased training is centered around starting with basic dog skills, like house training, then once paired with a veteran, we move the dogs to the partner’s specific need based skills, like picking up items from the ground.

Innovative Transitional Period

In order to make the switch from foster/trainer to veteran less stressful for both veteran and dog, we have adopted an innovative 5 month hand off process. This more gradual process reduces the veteran’s stress from being away from their home, support system, and routine for an extended periods of time like traditional training methods.


We have achieved accreditation from Assistance Dogs International (ADI), which is a worldwide coalition of non-profit programs, that train and place Assistance Dogs. Founded in 1986 from a group of seven small programs, ADI has become the leading authority in the Assistance Dog industry.

Isabelle McKenzie

Jeremy Newman


Meet the team behind Puppy Jake

Isabelle McKenzie

Jeremy Newman

Isabelle McKenzie

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Boilerplate: Puppy Jake Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to help wounded military veterans with the assistance of well-bred and professionally trained service dogs. Veterans’ injuries may be invisible such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or physical mobility impairments. The Foundation advocates for increased awareness and accessibility for those accompanied by a service dog in everyday situations. For more information, please visit:

Lisa Russell, CEO
3101 104th St., Suite 2
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