host a Fundraiser

Donate your time,
leverage connections,
for an amazing cause

Hosting an event?

Puppy Jake is only possible because of kind, generous folks like you. Our first $300 was raised by a Des Moines sixth grader who hosted a hot chocolate stand at an elementary school concert. Since that time, hundreds of people have supported Puppy Jake by hosting events both small and large.  Fundraisers and charity events make a huge difference in our ability to help improve the lives of veterans, and are a great chance to tell others about our program. Puppy Jake events and fundraisers come in all shapes and sizes; from bake sales to golf tournaments to grand galas. No matter what your event looks like, we’re happy to have you!

Want us there?

Really want to treat your guests to a one-of-a-kind experience? Contact us with the details of your event and we can arrange to have Puppy Jake representatives in attendance. And not just the human kind! We’ll have our four-legged friends tag along so that everyone can see their training in action. Reach out today and consider the options below to invite your VIPs (Very Important Pups)!


Decide on an event

What is the fundraising event going to be? A golf tournament, a bake sale, an auction? All of these can be good options. If you are a business owner, consider what your company could offer to help promote and support a fundraiser.

Charity Event


Organize Your

Volunteers will be the lifeblood of this event. They are essential to making your event successful and maintaining momentum when tasks pile up. Organize your dedicated volunteers into positions, or committees and sub-committees. Distribute tasks to each committee or position equally to keep your volunteers from becoming overwhelmed.


Plan Your

With the help of your volunteers, begin planning the many details that will bring your event the donations and awareness that you’re working for. For large events, procure the corporate event entertainment you will need — from Caterers and Musical Entertainment, to Speakers and Auctioneers.


Promote Your

Whether it’s a small raffle or a sophisticated silent auction, the message is the same when promoting your event: you’re raising money and/or awareness for charity. People generally want to help local and even national causes when they’re aware of them.


Reward Your

This is very important. It doesn’t have to be anything big or elaborate. It could be as small as an informal pizza party, or as grand as a banquet-style gala. But, showing appreciation for your volunteers is a great way to retain the ones you have, and makes it more likely that others will lend a hand.