Heel for Healing

As a Medic and Medic Instructor in the Army and Army National Guard, Adam spent 13 years caring for his fellow servicemen. When he medically retired with leg and back injuries, he realized that his post-traumatic stress would become an even bigger problem than his physical limitations. It became so isolating over the years that Adam only felt comfortable in his own home; he couldn’t even attend his children’s school events or take them out to enjoy a fun day. 

An old friend had become a therapy dog handler for a school district and encouraged Adam to look into service dog programs. He always loved dogs, and his wife was excited about an opportunity for assistance, so they set out to find the dog that would change Adam’s life. 

Marilyn and Adam matched in September of 2023. They began training together in November, and a few short months later she went home with her new family. 

“Since then, I have attended comedy shows, a concert, and most importantly, I have not missed any of my kids’ programs. My wife is excited that we can go out on fun dates again, and my kids are very proud to point out that their dad was able to make it to their events.”

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